Virtual City PA Ltd is a London based Virtual Personal Assistance company for high net worth individuals and entrepreneurial companies who need reliable support to fulfil their business and personal schedules.

City companies are looking to cut secretarial support costs in the market downturn and VCPA will provide a fully encompassing service with transparent rates.

Clients concentrate on what they do best whilst VCPA facilitate administrative tasks that need to be undertaken. VCPA’s principals lie in quality, reliability, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

People Behind The Scenes     

Amanda Groom  (

Managing Director – 13 years executive PA experience in the City working for both demanding blue chip companies and entrepreneurs.

David Ririe MBA (

Managing Partner – Over 8 years experience in international recruitment for consumer goods and the retail sector and most recently as an Sales Director in the financial services industry.   

Virtual City PA logo 

Company History

VCPA was founded in Q4 2008 with a joint decision between the managing partners to take an opportunity in light of the credit crunch and deteriorating market conditions of 2008 whereby overheads are looking to be saved.

Receptionists and Personal Assistants are under pressure from two fronts: they are either being made redundant or  asked to perform duties above and beyond their realms of experience.

The purpose of the company is to offer cost savings to small companies without compromising on quality of service and results delivered.

VCPA will provide a personal consultation service to understand the demands of its customers and deliver.

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