Benefits of Using a Virtual Assistant

There are many reasons why using a VA is beneficial. Here are just a few of them:

• They are orientated to meet your personal needs
• They treat your business as if it was their own i.e. become very involved
• Minimal training required
• You only pay for their time and materials used: you are not liable to pay tax, national insurance costs and benefits, as you would when taking on a new employee
• You have the peace of mind that any deadlines will be met
• You will not have to make room in the office for an extra person, or relocate completely if it was necessary!

Would a Virtual Assistant Be Useful To Me?

If you can relate to any of the following scenarios, then it may be worth using a VA:

• You generally need a personal assistant

• Delegating work to existing staff will affect their ability to meet current deadlines

• You need to ‘free’ some of your own time to concentrate on other areas of the business

• Your current staff does not have the skills to complete the task(s) in question

• You have limited funds to purchase equipment (e.g. PC’s) to complete certain tasks

• You want a business e-mail account but do not have a PC and/or on-line connection

• You need a contact person for times when you are away

• Your premises does not have enough space to accommodate another person


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