Using a Virtual Assistant

For a growing small business, the need for extra assistance is often a requirement that can be unfeasible due to limited office space, equipment, or funds. In addition, the time it takes to find and train an assistant may be time that cannot be afforded.
For those businesses that experience regular (or a one-off) periods of heavy pressure due to excessive paper work and tasks, may too require the assistance of an extra body to ease the pressure when time calls.
The alternative to employing a full or part time assistant would be to use a Virtual Assistant.

What are Virtual Assistants (VA)?

In a conventional office, they would be referred to as an ‘administrative assistant’ but to the ‘on-line’ world, they are called ‘virtual assistants’. They are both the same type of people but with one major difference: a VA works from their own office and uses their own equipment instead of being physically present in your office to carry out the work.

VA’s are in fact a service and therefore the people that you approach do not become an employee of your business: they are self-employed or an employee of a VA service offered by a company.

In general, a VA will be well educated, be hard working, have a range of skills, and have experience for using a wide range of computer software. This is ensured to allow the VA to meet any of your business requirements.

Most VA’s will have previously worked as a secretary, personal assistant, clerk, etc and it is more than likely that they have worked at the highest level in their particular field of work.


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